Watched El Ellis last night for Tallahassee Community College. I've had the chance to cover Ellis for over a year and a half now and his development has been unbelievable. The first time we talked he held one division one offer and I was honestly confused. Ellis is a sharp floor general, has decent size at 6'3, skilled scorer, lightning quick, elite playmaker, etc. He's got all the intangibles and has alluded himself in so many other ways this season.

Last year, he averaged 14 points on 47% shooting including a nice 40% from behind the arc. He hit 52 three's in 33 games last season and shot the ball at an efficient clip. This year, he's been able to fill the stat sheet in many ways. He's become a key part of Tally's passing game and has extreme court vision.

His speed? Something that is just a natural gift and can't be taught. He zooms down the floor but I think the best part of it, he has so much fluidity and control that it ultimately makes the defense scramble and it even led to several drawn fouls by Ellis.

His speed does remind me of a scrambler because he's so quick it makes the defense hesitate and have to switch sets almost.

Ellis will attend Louisville next season, he did have interest from NBA scouts but it is extremely likely Ellis will wind up at Louisville and Cardinal' fans will not lose another top-rated JUCO prospect to the league.