I have an early crystal ball selection for arguably the nation's top-ranked player, Chet Holmgren. This isn't really the first time I've said Gonzaga is where I believe Chet will land but I believe since it's January it's worth noting again.

I've covered Chet since he was an underrated freshman and once even pronounced his name wrong lol, but, point is his development has been insane and he's got the tools to be a very successful modern day prospect. As much as people try and say otherwise, he's an elite competitor with a unique skillset that includes being a 7-footer that can pretty much do whatever he wants on the floor and he's simply special.

But why my Gonzaga pick? Hmm. He's a Mark Few kinda guy. I've said this in my Jake's Take which you can find on (https://stockrisers.com/s/76/jakes-take-vol) I just think the Zags will be able to pull this one off. But, we got to keep in mind the pro options. Holmgren has told Stockrisers.com many times he is focused on college but you never know. But, i'm all Gonzaga here.