Two-Sport star Terrion Arnold talks national basketball recruitment

Despite being ranked amongst the Top-150 football prospects in the class of 2021, Terrion Arnold has also found himself landing high-major offers in both sports. Recently prestigious football programs in Alabama and Florida have found themselves extending scholarship offers. On Tuesday afternoon, it wasn’t Nick Saban or Dan Mullen calling, it was Nate Oats and Mike White.

Those calls? both ending with Arnold landing himself basketball scholarship offers from both Alabama and Florida, making him a target for both sports at both schools. According to Arnold, he told that many programs are involved for basketball, making his future decisions different then the ordinary prospect.

Florida, Alabama, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Nebraska, Illinois, are involved basketball wise,” Arnold said. Plus, he says that he has completed zoom meetings with the staffs of Florida and Georgia Tech, the Gators would end up offering during their meeting.

The high-flying prospect describes himself as ‘A mix of Ja Morants and John Walls game‘ due to the fact that he uses his speed to his advantage and has major playmaking skills. In addition, he says he loves getting his teammates involved, but can score if needed.

When you’re a highly-touted football prospect, you could basically go to any top-rated football program in the country, as for Arnold, he’s one of those and is being pursued by some of the most prestigious football programs. He says for football, he’s virtually visited with LSU, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M.

One question that comes with being a high-major athlete in two-sports is the big question of: What will you play in college? Football? Basketball? Both? Arnold says he will take that process slow.

“It’s definitely a big possibility of me playing both. I have a lot of top basketball schools that want me to just focus on basketball because they feel I could go two and out and I don’t really stand anywhere with that I’m just taking it slow and working on my game daily.”

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