CSUN guard Terrell Gomez will transfer, has 10+ schools involved

Yesterday, CSUN’s leading scorer Terrell Gomez inserted his name into the transfer portal, per his trainer Julius V. With that, it ultimately puts a must-needed scorer on the market. Gomez’s stats are considered ‘unreal’ by many, as he scored nearly 20 points per game and hit over 110 three’s last season. His size, he stands under 5-foot-10 which makes his game even more impressive.

Just hours into entering his name into the portal, he heard from many high-major programs, many of whom already extended offers to the dominant scorer.

“San Diego State, Arkansas, Iowa State, Gonzaga, Washington State, DePaul and Arizona State all offered,” Gomez told Stockrisers.com

He’s already had conversations with head coaches from many of these schools, one day into the portal, meaning he is easily a priority for many of these programs.

In addition, his next steps are as followed: “I’m going to cut down my list in a week and then likely announce my decision in 3-4 weeks,” Gomez said. Plus, he hasn’t counted out a possible return to CSUN but with these options on the table I wouldn’t be surprised if he lands elsewhere.

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