Yale graduate transfer Jordan Bruner weighing NBA option, has tons of college suitors

Yale graduate transfer Jordan Bruner announced last week that he’d be entering his name into the transfer portal as well as weigh the option of a potential move to the NBA. Bruner said he’s heard from nearly 45 programs varying from all different conferences.

Bruner, Yale’s fifth all-time shot blocker, averaged 10.9 points per game and nine boards along with three assists. At 6-foot-9, programs love his frame and believe having him in their program for one year would be super beneficial for both sides, but, the NBA remains an option for Bruner.

“I’m just cutting schools as time goes by. I don’t really have any set timetables until I get more information about the professional route,” Bruner told Stockrisers.com. He’s still heavily considering going pro but states that with everything going on it interfered with potentially going to the NBA, things like the combine and workouts were vital for the Yale star.

As he said, Bruner’s heard from 45 programs. “Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland and Baylor are probably on me the hardest i’d say.”

With the newest programs involved being Gonzaga, St. John’s and Memphis.

Bruner also said that he’s spoken to staff from Duke and Kansas but only once from each school and he’s yet to hear from either head coach of the respective schools.

UPDATE: Xavier, Wichita State, Louisville, Butler, DePaul, Texas Tech, UConn, are amongst the 50+ programs involved with Bruner

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