Five-star junior Efton Reid talks his recruitment, possibly reclass to 2020?

When it comes to highly-touted prospects in high school nowadays there is always that handful of recruits that are ranked extremely high that don’t get mentioned like all of the others.

For me, Efton Reid is one of the most underrated talents in the country regardless of class. 247Sports currently has him ranked 27th in the country for his class but only has two offers listed. His mother told that he has over 30 offers.

I spoke with Reid on Tuesday night over the phone and we discussed his recruitment including two new programs involved and the possibility of him joining the 2020 class.

Jake: What programs are currently on you the hardest?

Efton: “Schools that are recruiting me the hardest are Ohio State, UVA, Georgetown, Iowa State, NC State and Miami. Louisville as well.”

Jake: Any new programs that have gotten involved as of late due to your excellent play?

Efton: “The two newest programs recruiting me are Florida State and Villanova.”

Jake: Have you had any thoughts of possibly moving up to the 2020 class?

Efton: “Yeah, there’s been some thoughts about possibly going into the 2020 class.”

Jake: For those who don’t know Efton Reid, break down your game.

Efton: “I can score the ball from both the inside and behind the arc. Defensively I could block shots and I could also rebound the ball on both ends.”

All in all, Reid is a polished seven-footer who will be an immediate impact to whatever college program ends up landing up.

When mentioning the possibly move into the 2020 class Reid says it’s still an option and something that him and his family are still thinking about.


Here’s film of Reid by

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