Four-star senior Jace Howard discusses ‘wide open’ recruitment, his father, more

When your father is an NBA champion and a well known figure around basketball, that gives you quite the legacy and name to build for yourself. For Jace Howard, he doesn’t focus on that and just plays his game.

His personal scouting report?

“Well my game is based on my motor, I always try to control the controllable which is defense, rebounding and my motor and that leads to me getting other parts of my game going like attacking and scoring and shooting. That’s just the mentality I go in with every game,” he said to

As for his recruitment, since his father landed the Michigan job, his name has been thrown around as a lock without any doubts, but for Howard, he doesn’t believe he’s a lock to Michigan and says his recruitment is wide open.

“My recruitment is still 100% open and I will be signing in April.”

I asked him, what would it be like to play for his father at Michigan. His response?

“Throughout my whole basketball career he has been in my corner and help guiding me through the game and the ins and outs of it, but I never actually played for him before. So yeah that would be a new experience if I do decide to play for him.”

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