Zimife Nwokeji has new options, will schedule visits

On November 12th, Zimife Nwokeji announced after nearly a year and seven months committed to Florida State, that he’d no longer have his pledge to Leonard Hamilton. He was originally slated to join the Seminoles in 2019 but decided he’d do a prep year at Spire Institute.

Justin Brantley, one of Spire’s highest tiered basketball employees, had this to say to Stockrisers.com on Neokeji:

“Zimi is a versatile wing, he has the ability to catch and shoot, put it on the floor and create, as well finish above the rim/around the basket. The true definition of a 3 level scorer, even though I feel that term is extremely overused. He shoots the 3 very well, is sneaky athletic and extremely smart and cerebral on the court. He understands how to move without the ball and create space for himself and others. He can rebound at a high level, which he showed with his 14 rebounds against a taller Putnam Science front-court! He’s extremely coachable and just an overall great person on and off the court. He’s a program guy, the type of player ANY coach would want in their locker room and on their campus.”

On the topic of campuses and college coaches, that’s where the recruiting questions came in. Brantley says that on Sunday, Texas A&M had a staffer into see him. In addition, he visited Boston College on Monday and then the staff flew in to watch him one night removed.

Beyond those schools, several other high-major programs have shown significant interest in the former FSU commit. Those programs include:

“Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Boston College, DePaul, Dayton, VCU, Missouri, Michigan and Xavier… some others have inquired on him but the conversation hasn’t gone past an inquiry,” per Brantley.

Brantley also added this: “We haven’t discussed where exactly he will visit, currently his options are wide open and he’s looking to identify the best opportunity academically and basketball wise. At this point the most important piece of the puzzle for him is “fit”!

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