Five-star Mark Williams is down to three schools, changes visit dates

Mark Williams, five-star senior of IMG Academy, is down to three schools, he tells Stockrisers: Duke, UCLA, and Michigan, make up his final list.

He changed his visit to Michigan for this weekend October 4th, will visit Duke on October 25th-27th. He’s already visited UCLA in August.

Here’s his breakdown of each school:

Duke: Obviously, they’re a legendary program with Coach K. They’ve been recruiting me hard, and they want to create a really special 2020 class. I feel like they do a good job of adjusting for their bigs to do what they do well from year to year.

UCLA: Coach Cronin is an honest and intense guy and he and his staff are trying to build something out there. They have a rich history, and they are trying to get that to that level of basketball. I had a great visit and he talked about how much he involves their bigs since don’t only catch the ball under the basket and catch lobs but they get to make decisions and affect the offense in multiple ways

Michigan: Juwan Howard has played my position at the highest level. Just knowing that he’s been there and can help me get there and knows moves that he can teach me. He always tells me how he works with the bigs in practice and just knowing he has NBA experience makes it intriguing.

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