Breaking: Noah Collier to Pittsburgh

Noah Collier has committed to Pittsburgh over Cal and Clemson, he told Stockrisers. He broke down his decision with Stockrisers.

Why Pittsburgh?

“I feel like Pitt has a great culture and it could be a great place for me to develop as a person and player. I think we will have the pieces to make something big happen there. I can’t wait.”

What sealed the deal?

“My overall relationship with the coaching staff definitely was one of the biggest impacts on my decision. I feel extremely comfortable with everyone there and I believe they have my best interest and the future of the programs best interest in hand.”

When did you know?

“I think I’ve always known for a while, but it was a big family decision so it was necessary for us to take time and break down what each school I was looking at had to offer. At the end of the day Pitt was it.”

Who will you recruit?

“Puff, RJ, and John [Hugley]”

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