Eugene Brown chooses Ohio State after ‘amazing’ official visit

Eugene Brown had a successful summer after suffering a tragic leg injury at the beginning of his junior year. That didn’t stop him from nabbing recruitment which included Louisville, Ohio State, Butler, Georgia, others.

This weekend he visited Ohio State which is now… his college destination, he told Stockrisers.

“I chose THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY because of the amazing opportunity they had for me as a player to come in make a huge impact on them if I work hard,” Brown told Stockrisers.

Where does Brown see fit?

“There is an amazing opportunity for me to come in and play big minutes due to the fact that they have no one like me in their roster (long, athletic, scoring/shooting wing).”

“They were a great fit because as I was hanging around the players I noticed that they were all like-minded people who wanted to get better and play as a team.”

Thoughts on Coach Holtman and his staff?

“My thoughts on the coaching staff are amazing, they are a great TEAM of coaches who put lots of time and effort into the players in their program and they have a great history of player development and putting guys in the league which is what I want to do.”



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