Chet Holmgren, the number one ranked center for the class of 2021

Chet Holmgren is one of the most unique high school basketball talents in the nation. Standing at 7’0, you would think he is a back to the basket player, you got it wrong. Holmgren is a great shooter who can dribble the ball very well. Chet currently holds 28 division one offers. “Nearly as many are reaching out a lot to me” Holmgren stated when I asked him which schools he has been in contact with the most. He holds offers from schools such as Minnesota, Texas, and Purdue.

Holmgren runs with Grassroots Sizzle on the Under Armour circuit. “It’s great, I have always played for them” he states. “Coach Larry has always taught me the game as a guard and it shows in my skillset and my IQ, it’s great how he allows me freedom to showcase it”. Larry Suggs has been coaching Holmgren since he joined Grassroots Sizzle and has really helped mold him into the player he is today.

I asked Chet what it is like playing with one of the top ranked point guards in the nation, Jalen Suggs. “Playing with Jalen is something that can’t be replicated” he states. “He pushes me everyday to be better on and off the court as a friend and as a teammate”. With both these guys playing with each other for so long their chemistry was something any coach would want with their big man and point guard. These two together were almost unstoppable.

Holmgren’s plans for the offseason are simple. “Lifting every morning to progress my body and working on my game whenever possible” he tells me. Chet then gave me another answer that you do not hear often from someone his age, “eating right too” he stated. I then asked Holmgren what his expectations were for his junior season in high school. “Better myself, that’s the only thing, better myself as a basketball player, a student, and a man”. Wise words from the rising junior.

This summer besides playing on the UAA circuit, Chet attended multiple camps such as the Steph Curry Camp, NBPA top 100 camp, and many more. He spoke with me about all the events he attended this summer. “They were all great opportunities to showcase my abilities” he tells me. “I am greatly appreciative of those who invited me and they are some experiences that has shaped me into who I am today and I won’t forget them”.

Be on the look out for Chet Holmgren as he enters his junior season at Minnehaha Academy. I am positive that this 5 star recruit will continue to improve his game and pile on the offers.

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