Prince Aligbe discusses Grassroots Sizzle, offers, and more.

Prince Aligbe had a breakout summer running with Grassroots Sizzle 17U team on the Under Armour circuit. The 6’6 small forward from the class of 2022 picked up offers from California, Minnesota, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and a ton of other high division one schools. Aligbe showed college coaches across the country this past summer that he is a player they want to be apart of their programs.

“Playing 17u with Sizzle helped me mature my game so much and learn from a lot of habits I have that I can grow out of”. Aligbe has even gotten help with his game from Jalen Suggs and Chet Holmgren, both top 20 players in their classes. “I learn a lot everyday from playing against and with them. There both fantastic players so it helps me out in the long run”.

Prince talked with me about Brian Sandfier and Larry Suggs. Sandfier the director of Grassroots Sizzle, and Suggs who coaches the 17u team both help Prince as much as they can with getting his name out their to as many coaches as possible. “Having people like Brian Sandfier and Larry Suggs in my circle helping me showcase and connect with coaches helped a lot. That’s how my recruitment took off so much with me having 17 offers at the moment”.

I asked Prince out of all of his 17 division one offers, what schools did he think he has the best relationship with. “California, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt” Aligbe stated. “California, I’ve known their one assistant coach since I was in seventh grade because he used to coach at Iowa and they used to come up to the school for Jalen and more, so me and Coach Francis are really close. Minnesota is the home state and you can’t go wrong with that. Tennessee is one of the schools I like a lot because of their Program but I so want to learn more about the school. Vanderbilt, head coach Jerry Stackhouse offered me himself and he loves my game. Purdue hasn’t offered me yet, but they have been up to a lot of open gyms, games, and practices. They also invited me to their elite camp this year so it’s gonna be fun”. More schools are in the running for the very skilled small forward but these were his favorites so far.

Aligbe just attended the Will Barton elite camp. Put together by Denver Nuggets shooting guard Will Barton himself. “It was super fun” Aligbe stated. “I got to showcase a lot of my skill set while being a team player with new guys. I also learned a lot from the impactful talks from Will Barton, Quinn Cook, and Gary Neal that I’ll definitely take in the long run”. Overall the camp was a huge success and helped expose the talent of a lot of young players.

When asking Prince Aligbe about his plans for the offseason, his answer was very short. This only means the young man knows what he has to work on the most and is committing to it one hundred percent. “Get in the best shape I can and work on my pull up game”

Aligbe attends Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I asked him what are his expectations for his next season. “Showcase all what I’ve learned and worked on this summer and win a 4th state championship”. Aligbe sure has his goals set high and if he continues to work on his game, I am sure he will accomplish them. Be on the lookout for him to be returning to Grassroots Sizzle next summer and pile on more offers.

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