Nimari Burnett discusses final-four, visit expectations, timetable

Five-star guard Nimari Burnett is down to four schools: Oregon, Texas Tech, Alabama, and Michigan.

He broke down his finalists below:

Oregon: A good school with a good coaching staff. Obviously they are on top as far as nike goes but they also see me coming right in and being the starting point guard to lead the team to a national championship.

Alabama: A new coaching staff coming from Buffalo that sees me coming in and being basically the top option and playing both the 1 and 2 and his 2-point guard offense.

Michigan: I’ve known Juwan Howard since I was little and for him to be a coach of a program that not only he came from but is also a good school means a lot.

Texas Tech: One of the best coaches in the country with Coach Beard, with a great program that speaks for itself with player development and winning. They see me coming in and hopefully getting out in one year.

As for his visits, Burnett said this: “On visits i’m looking at facilities, feeling out coaching staff, getting to know the players and the academic programs.”

Decision timetable: December-January

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