Mark Williams is down to seven schools, schedules three official visits

Top-50 senior Mark Williams is down to a final-seven and has booked official visits to Duke, UCLA, and Ohio State.

First, the dates for those visits: UCLA (Aug 23-25), Ohio State (Oct 4-6), Duke (Nov 1-3).

Broke down his final-seven: Duke, Virginia Tech, Stanford, UCLA, NC State, Georgetown, and Ohio State.

Stanford- Took my official in March. They’ve been recruiting me for a while, wanting me to start from day 1, and I feel like the culture is different, in a good way, out there.

NC State- They’ve been recruiting me for a while as well. Their pitch is just I can come in and start and make a really big impact from day 1 and give their program a boost.

Ohio State- They really love my game. They’re pitch is playing in the B1G, and being able to show my versatility in their offense.

Duke- Obviously, they’re a legendary program with Coach K. They’ve been recruiting me hard, and they want to create a really special 2020 class. I feel like they do a good job of adjusting for their bigs to do what they do well from year to year.

UCLA- Coach Cronin and his staff are trying to build something out there. They have a rich history, and they are trying to get that to that level of basketball.

Georgetown- Obviously Coach Ewing had a legendary NBA Career as a big guy so that’s really his main pitch. To come in from Day 1 and make an impact and be the next great Hoya big, with a coach that’s been there and done it at the highest level.

Virginia Tech- They were one of the first schools to offer me, but they came back into the recruiting scene late since Coach Buzz [Williams] left and once they hired Coach [Mike] Young, they were later back in the picture. They are trying to put together a strong class of their own and I could come in and make and start from day 1 and create something special.

He will commit in either November or December.

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