Four-star senior Donovan Johnson will stay in 2020, down to seven schools

Donovan Johnson, aka Puff, is down to seven schools and also tells Stockrisers that despite a potential reclass to the 2019 class, he will remain in 2020.

The brother of UNC star and lottery selection in this year’s draft, Cam Johnson, Puff has definitely created a name for himself and will insert his talents at a high major university in 2020.

He’s also down to seven schools: Ohio State, Louisville, North Carolina, Miami, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, and Arizona.

He broke down his finalists below:

Arizona: School has amazing spirit and atmosphere, and Coach played with my dad.

North Carolina: My brother played there and a great legacy and an amazing coach who has been great for a while.

Notre Dame: Is a school that has been on top for a while. This is somewhere where I can further my development.

Louisville: A great team and great coaches who can further my development on and off the court.

Miami: I visited there a couple times and it is a beautiful campus with great coaching staff and has had an amazing couple of years in the competitive ACC.

Ohio State: Is close to home and I have been talking to them for a while, they’ve got great facilities and an awesome campus to be a part of.

Pittsburgh: It’s really close to home. Great coaches and a lot to look forward too they are changing the program around for the better now.

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