2022’s Chris Bunch is a name to remember, discusses early recruitment plus his game

Chris Bunch is a prospect probably that you don’t know which is fine, but now you’ll definitely remember or hear his name.

Already with 11 division one offers, Bunch has several high-majors including most recently an offer from Florida State.

I spoke with Bunch about several things, including his recruitment.

JW: Describe your game.

CB: I am an elite scorer. I can score off the bounce and without the ball in my hands. My jumper is very fluid so shooting three’s are like layups for me from any range. Coming right to left or left to right in my footwork. My shooting ability opens up my drives and keeps defense honest. I work well off down screens and I use my height to shoot over defenders. My in between game, in the high post or mid post gets me to the line a lot. I’m just very creative when it comes to scoring. I understand the game and set up teammates when teams start to over crowd me. Defensively, I change the game with my length and athletic ability. I block a lot of shots and challenge a lot of dunks, usually pining shots to the back board. My defense gets my offense going and I try and do whatever plays to help my team win. Taking charges, knocking down big shots or making the extra pass.

JW: List your offers? thoughts on them?

CB: I have offers from Oklahoma State, Florida State, Cal State Bakersfield, Univeristy of California Santa Barbara, Univeristy of Montana, Montana State, Univeristy of Denver, South Carolina, UMASS, SMU, Rhode Island and UT Arlington.

I’m excited and blessed about all the schools that have offered me. A lot came to see me play during the live period and have watched film on me. Enjoying the process and building relationship with the different coaches is the best part about talking with the different programs.

In addition, Bunch listed off his new interests or interest that he’s had (without an offer): Maryland, ASU, Arizona, USC, Oregon State, Hawaii, Stanford, San Diego State, Vanderbilt, Syracuse, Washington State and Pepperdine.

Bunch also said that he’s working on unofficial visit dates and trying to figure out which programs he’d like to see.

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