Sit down: Che Evans- Recruitment, recovering from injury, more

After playing in only 1 session of 17uEYBL,we sat down to talk to former consensus Top 75 recruit Che Evans Jr about his injury and timetable of decision.

Che suffered a small fracture to the Shin which required surgery and forcing him to miss most of EYBL sessions,and several Elite Camps such as Pangos and NBA Top 100 Camp.

We asked Che the timetable or possible return to game speed and action.

C.E.: I Dont want any setbacks so I’m following doctors and sports specialist instructions in terms of my rehab. I’m already off crutches and I’m working hard to regain strength in that particular area.I’m hoping to see the court in December for Vegas Classic with my new High School Nueman Goretti Pa. but I will take it day by day.

JW: Che you have a reputation as a big wing who is a natural scorer. What are some of the things you think you have improved on,and hope to show your last year of High School?

C.E.: I’m totally focused on strength and conditioning,which will help me on the court overall defensively, and with my quickness laterally on defense.

JW: When you saw you had fallen out of the rankings or Top 100 largely due to inactivity during live periods,what wee your thoughts?

C.E: I never worried with where I was ranked,especially knowing I would miss live periods as well Elite Camps. This time off the court, has helped me mature mentally and lock all the way in on rehab.In terms of rankings and proving myself,I know there arent more than 5 wings in my class more skilled as a shooter off the bounce or catch than I am,so I’m eager to get on the court.I also watch a lot of College ball,and I can see where those rankings will change when we alll have to re prove ourselves.Let’s relive this conversation when we are all College Freshmen.

JW: We know decision date is early September at your High School.What are some of the things you look for,before making your decision?

CE: I’m looking to see which of the Coaches stayed consistent with me after my injury,and most importantly, a system that will help me continue to develop as a College player. 

JW: Your next official visit listed is San Diego State. We learned it was Boise State assistant who left and re recruited you to conference rival. Do you still view Boise State as an option?

C.E. Yes Head Coach Rice(Boise State) still calls my AAU coach, and the new assistant Coach Barsh is now calling me every other day.Yes I’m still considering them out of respect they recruited me hard,and still are till this day.

JW: As a player who has never had a serious injury or had to sit for a period.How have you managed to stay focused and who has helped with keeping you motivated during this time?

CE:  I have a small circle yet very strong support system. My mom helped me so much in the early process of my procedure and first few weeks. My dad make sure I’m eating right and monitor my daily activity. My brother, and closest friends all come over to play games,and workout with me. My godfather (Coach Wise) is the voice who keeps me above water everyday. He always encourage me,and tell me what to look forward to as a senior and College player.

JW:San Diego State was the last to offer,and seem aggressive in getting you an official visit.With Kawhi Leornard success and NBA status, does that help them in any way?

CE: Of course when you see an underdog as Kawhi beat the odds, its encouraging. I also like how San Diego State play, and Head Coach Dutch prioritized me.That means a lot.

JW: Last but not least what are your goals as a senior to be at Nueman Goretti?

CE: I simply want to help them win a Catholic League Championship and hopefully a National ranking. Their whole staff has been so supportive during my down time,and I owe it to them to deliver a Chip.

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