DJ Steward talks his recruitment, recent Duke offer — will speak with UNC and Kentucky staff

This weekend and summer, nobody has raised his stock more than DJ Steward. Once unranked around this time last year, the Meanstreets and Whitney Young guard is now ranked amongst the Top-40 rising seniors in the country.

He scored the ball really well this weekend, put on a three-point barrage in front of Coach K, which ultimately helped him land an offer from Duke just one day after.

“Getting the Duke offer was amazing, having Coach K on the phone, when they said I had the offer I was very shocked and super excited because Duke is a top notch program, was a blessing and truly humbling,” Steward told Stockrisers.

– When talking to Steward on Duke he says that Jon Scheyer remains in contact consistently, so it seems as if Duke will now prioritize Steward.

As for recent visits, he’s taken three: “I’ve visited Texas, Louisville, and Illinois, they all were great.”

With Peach Jam now over, Steward says he will cut his list down in the next few weeks but will wait because more schools are starting to reach out. Among those who’ve begun reaching out, Kentucky and North Carolina.

“They are both recruiting me very hard and will get me on the phone with the head coaches sometime this week,” Steward said on the two programs.

With that being said, no commitment timetable is planned but he will cut down his list in a few weeks. Visit wise? “Visits will most likely be to all the schools that are on my list after I decide to cut them in the next couple of weeks.”

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