Peach Jam Recap: Terrance Williams

Last year, Terrance Williams won Peach Jam as a member of Team Takeover. This year, on that same squad, minus some players, they fell just a bit short. Williams, says he’s very thankful for this year’s experience and he had tons of fun and is thankful that they made it all the way last year.

This past week he showed his ability to score the ball at a very efficient rate. Scoring 20+ points in nearly every matchup he had.

As for his recruitment, he cut his list down to a final-seven: NC State, DePaul, Virginia, Stanford, Georgetown, Notre Dame, and South Carolina.

But, I believe that Georgetown, DePaul, and Notre Dame currently have the best shot to land Williams.

In Addition, Williams will commit soon, no exact date is confirmed but will be soon.

*** UPDATE ***

Michigan did offer Terrance, as Stockrisers reported. They immediately make his final list and could get a visit.

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