Josh Hall discusses recruitment, decision to reclassify to 2020.

Josh Hall is without a doubt one of the breakout players of 2019. He bursted onto the scene late this high school season with Moravian Prep and is now on the circuit with Team Loaded NC.

He’s landed nearly 20+ high major offers including offers from Kansas, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Texas, Florida, NC State, and others.

“I’m a versatile player, I can score, have improved my rebounding & defense so I feel like I can play 1-4 if I have too and have molded my game so I can be capable of doing so,” Hall said on his game.

This past season he made a crucial decision to reclassify from 2019 to the 2020 class. He felt as if he could take a year to develop his game to play at the highest level.

Since that decision, the 20+ HM offers, and has molded himself into a top-75 junior.

“The decision to reclassify has impacted me a lot, I never reclassed for school purposes. It was based on what I felt I needed to work on & it gave me a little bit more time to work on those things & improve. But it was all a blessing.”

As for his recruitment, he’s being pursued by plenty of schools all over the country.

“Miami, NC State, Pitt, Florida, Texas, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Providence, Georgia, Xavier, Kansas, ECU, & Tennessee [are on me].”

Also, Rutgers visit could be in the works for this summer but nothing is currently being planned for Hall.

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