My takeaways from the EYBL regular season. Part 1

By: Max Kennedy

Edited: @BallersBridge

Marcus Watson stole the show

Mac Irvin Fire and Morgan Park point guard Marcus Watson is a true floor general. Marcus began getting offers in ATL after leading the session in assist, but that was just the beginning. He followed that up with leading in assist again in Indy, and posting a crazy 6PTS 14REB and 22AST in a game. Marcus Watson has received a few mid major and has interest from a lot of high majors… he is 100% a high major caliber college basketball player as he finished leading in assist.

Highlights via BallersBridge:

Sticking with Mac Irvin Fire and Morgan Park: Adam Miller

Miller is a five star combo guard and is unlike most in his class. In ATL and Indy he averaged around 15ppg as he had to play more offball than ever with Watson emerging and Five Star Mike Foster. As I watched I noticed Miller trying to learn what spots to pick and when to shoot or when to pass.. but in Dallas he figured it out. He averaged 30ppg and had jaw-dropping performances, including against the #1 team the Texas Titans, when he hit back to back deep threes 4 steps behind the NBA Line and finished with 39pts. The kid is a flame thrower when hot and when he’s confident he is unstoppable. Now that Miller has figured out his role, Mac Irvin is definitely one of my favorites to win peach jam, and he is for sure still the five star we watched win Illinois Gatorade player of the year.

Highlights via Hoopcity Films

Don’t forget Brandon Weston!

Brandon Weston sat last year as he transferred from NY to Morgan Park. This spring the class of 2021 guard showed he can score at all levels, I expect him to be a top 50 player in his class when it’s all said and done. Oh and if you haven’t noticed that Morgan Park team might be one to watch next year.

Highlights via BallersBridge

Don’t judge a book by its cover: Ryan Kalkbrenner

I went into the EYBL season knowing everyone on the Fire except their 7 foot center, Kalkbrenner. He immediately stunned me blocking endless shots on the defensive end with great timing. He also finishes surprisingly well around the hoop even though he has a thin frame. And mobility didn’t seem to be an issue despite his height and length he ran the floor well. Kalkbrenner’s recruitment for sure heated up and will continue to as he showed he is one of the best centers in the country leading the EYBL in blocks per game.

Highlights via BallersBridge

The Big Two: Nimari Burnett and Jalen Green

Team Why Not is prepped for another peach jam run after losing in the finals last year. This year they return 5 star shooting guard Nimari Burnett. Burnett is different… he doesn’t seem bouncy but he flies, and has one of the top jumpers in the country. Personally I think if Burnett keeps working he will be a One-and-Done. Jalen Green is Jalen Green.. top 3 player in the country on everyone’s rankings, and the reason for that is he is that good. He’s smooth and scores effortlessly from everywhere. Green only played 3 games in Indy with Why Not, and didn’t play much due to an injury in Dallas.. but Team Why Not is for sure a lot of people’s favorite to win. Burnett and Green look to lead not just Team Why Not to a title but also Prolific Prep next school season.

Highlights via BallersBridge

Why it’s easy to not notice Addison Patterson:

Patterson is a 4 star shooting guard that attends Bella Vista Prep and also plays for team Why Not, and can flat out score the ball, but because Devin Askew, Green, and Burnett have the ball so much he is sometimes overshadowed. With that being said he is a top 30 recruit and has reason to be one. During games I saw him score in every way possible layups,floaters, mid range, threes.. one game I checked the stat sheet and he finished with 23pts.. I only thought he had 10pts. Sometimes we forget to notice guards who don’t need the ball to score, don’t forget to notice Addison Patterson.

Highlights via BallersBridge

Caleb Love’s recruitment is heating up and deservingly so.

Love showed an impressive set of skills in the EYBL regular season running with Bradley Beal Elite. Scoring and passing at a high level, and did finish a game with a triple double. Love’s athleticism stands out as he tries to dunk on everyone despite standing at 6’3. He did catch a couple of the best dunks during the three sessions. Love’s jump shot is also polished and he has a killer step back he shows off. I say his recruitment is heating up because he landed offers from Virginia, UNC, and Tennessee in a short time span. We hopefully haven’t seen the end of his EYBL run as BBE hopes to grab a wild card spot for peach jam, which I believe they deserve due to their crazy hard schedule.

Highlights via Bleacher Report

I got a text from Dj Steward “Is my recruitment going to suffer because I’m getting face guarded and double teamed?”

Steward is ranked as a top 75 junior. But in reality is a top 30 recruit in the grade. Two years ago he was ranked #25 by ESPN, then to begin his junior year he was unranked, and now he’s back to top 75. Steward impressed in ATL, and in my opinion was the player of the session in Indy. He averaged 30ppg and had a 46 point performance including a game winner that everyone has seen at this point, including all the other EYBL teams. Being the only 4 star on his team Steward was double teamed and face guarded in Dallas and suffered a sprained ankle. But despite this still averaged in the high teens and led his team to a peach jam birth. Steward can shoot and is one of the best finishers in his class, Meanstreets aren’t a favorite and were probably the biggest surprise to make peach jam, but I think it’s time to wake up on a team that plays together, don’t count Meanstreets out before it starts!

Highlights via Bleacher Report

Offer Jeremiah Williams to better your team, trust me.

Williams is a shooting guard from Chicago that also plays on Meanstreets, he currently holds one offer. Williams impressed me in his first game in ATL and I asked everyone until I found out his name. One of the 16U coaches for Meanstreets told me, “Oh that’s Jeremiah, we expect him to make the biggest jump in terms of his recruitment, he’s impossible to guard.” Next play down the court he had the coldest euro step I saw all regular season. Williams’ game is raw, he’s athletic and has a good jumper, and right now is a low-mid major recruit in my eyes.. but I think he could develop into much more than that with the right coaching and work ethic.

Highlights via BallersBridge

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