Recruiting Update: Cade Cunningham

Without a doubt, Cade Cunningham is making a case to become at least a top-three player in the 2020 class.

He scored 57 points in two games this weekend, also had 10+ rebounds in each of those games. With those stats, we also have the ones from the Atlanta session:

25.5 points per game, five rebounds, and he shot 62% from the field.

“I’m a versatile guy that can defend a lot of positions well, and play multiple positions offensively. I think I’m a good passer and I like to get my guys involved. I feel like I’m the best leader and I have a good feel for the game and an IQ. I feel like I bring a lot to the table,” Cunningham said on his game.

As for his recruitment, you could say almost every big name school in the country is going after Cunningham.

Duke’s Coach K and his staff went to see Cunningham at Monteverde Academy last week.

Kentucky has also been in to see him, also saw him several times during the live period.

“The bigger schools are really starting to pick it up while the schools that have been around are staying consistent and really recruiting me hard.”

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