Aidan Igiehon ready to hit the court at Louisville. He discusses that and more.

Aidan Igiehon was a major (major) target for Chris Mack and the Louisville Cardinals. They landed him on October 19th, 2018, and since then he’s been ready to get to work with the Cards.

“I’m more than ready to step on the court at Louisville. I have been itching with excitement since October 19th,” Igiehon said.

This season he had quite the season, averaging over a double-double. He added a three-point shot to his arsenal, and improved several areas of his game.

“So far this off season I’ve improved on quite a lot of aspects of my game. I’ve worked on my defense. I have really emphasized on getting faster laterally, I feel like on the next level I will be a versatile defender and will be great on guarding pick and rolls. I have worked a lot on my hands, I have worked a lot on my rebounding and also my cardio. I worked on perfecting go to moves down at the block and out in the mid.”

Then he discusses the three ball:

“And also been working on my three ball so I can help stretch the floor. A main focus that has been for me has been simplicity.”

More on his his game:

“A lot of kids sometimes make their games so complicated and that’s why the game seems to be fast paced for them. I have simply dumbed down my game and work on things that will be very effective in the next level which for me are dominating the offensive and defensive glass, being able to play defense and guard pick and rolls, have great hands and finishing explosively around the rim. Also being dominant in the half court 18-feet and in and also have a Bugatti motor.”

I asked Igiehon which games, if any, does he have marked on his schedule. His response:

“For me every game in the schedule is marked. I’m coming in next year to win and to do whatever it takes to enable my team to win. Every game is important to me.”

He ended off our conversation with a message to Louisville fans:

“I think with team 106 card fans have a lot to be excited about. We have a great recruiting class, a great coach staff and great vets also. Which equates to winning when the work is put in.”

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