Kadin Shedrick: “The goal is to go back to back.”

Virginia just won the national championship.

They have a bright future with Casey Morsell and Kadin Shedrick coming in. But that makes you wonder, what it’s like to be a future prospect of a national champion winning program.

Stockrisers caught up with Kadin Shedrick to discuss watching UVA win the national championship and more.

“It was incredible to watch UVA finish what they’ve been looking to achieve all season,” Shedrick said.

What many who’ve followed Shedrick know is that his work ethic is second to none, which is another reason a program like Virginia pursued him the way that they did.

Shedrick believes that next year UVA has a chance to go back to back, with him and Casey Morsell and potential returners. UVA also aiming to snag former Penn State commit Justin McKoy.

Shedrick sounded off on a goal for next season: “My message to UVA fans is that I’m looking forward to putting in work to try to continue the successes of the program.”

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