Senior, Clarence Nadolny is down to three, breaks them down with Stockrisers.

French native Clarence Nadolny is down to a final-three of West Virginia, Texas Tech, and Iowa State, he tells Stockrisers.

Here’s his breakdown of the final-3.

WVU : they have been recruiting me for a while now. Being pretty close from me they came to see me a few time and I exchanged a lot with the coaching staff. Coach Huggins and me meet couple times and had a good time together. They told me that they really need somebody that can « put them back on track ». With my energy, leadership, toughness and ability to do multiple things on the court like playing hard defense and scoring fast in transition the plan is to go back to the old style ( pressing a lot the ball) and becoming a big12 contender starting next year.

ISU : they have been recruiting me the whole season. The assistant coach came to see me couple time in practice and game. And coach Prohm came to visit me on campus and we had a great talk. He thinks that: « I could fit perfectly » and told me that: « he really need my toughness on the court and he really wants to coach me in my college years »

TTU: They offered me in the National Prep School Tournament after my game against Putnam. Coach Beard and me built a relationship pretty quick calling each other really often. The things that he liked about me was my toughness on the court,my defense, my ability to make play for my teammates and knock down shoots. Loosing his starting guard and point guard next year he told me that he needs me to come in right the way and play.

As for visits, he’s in the middle of planning officials to all three. He did recently unofficially visit WVU.

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