Julius Marble breaks down his game, comparisons given to him by his future head coach, and more.

Besides his character off the court, Julius Marble has branded himself on the court as a big with major upside and Tom Izzo saw that in the Texas native.

Marble, the senior forward, committed to Michigan State over Illinois and Oklahoma State.

I sat down with Marble to break down his game, and a bunch of other stuff!!

Jake: Breakdown your game.

Julius: Very versatile big that can push the ball on the break, shoot threes, post up when needed, crash the boards consistently. I’m very solid defensively being able to guard multiple positions, and loving to get stops.

Jake: Did Coach Izzo breakdown your film, what was the feedback he gave you?

Julius: Coach did breakdown my film, and said there’s a couple things I can work on such as running the floor better.

Jake: Give some of the comparisons given to you by Izzo?

Julius: Yes, he compared a lot of my film to Draymond Green, Adrienne Payne, and Jaren Jackson. Saying that I had parts in my game that are similar to all of these guys.

Jake: Describe your thoughts on the 2019 class.

Julius: They’re great players, and great guys! I can’t wait to team up with them, and go in and make an impact on the program next year.

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