Deebo Coleman holds several high major offers early. Discusses recruitment, upcoming unofficial visit spree.

Deebo Coleman is a top-20 recruit in the 2021 class. Also plays football, Coleman is a highly-touted player for basketball and he holds several high major offers.

“I have offers from North Florida, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Florida, Iowa State, Georgetown, and Campbell,” Coleman said.

As for schools on him that haven’t offered, the list goes on and on. Among those listed; Kansas, Louisville, Stanford, Florida State, and many others.

With the college basketball season winding down, Coleman will head out for an unofficial spree. He listed off the visits he will take in the next few weeks.

Florida State will get an unofficial visit from him on February 9th. One week later he will head up to Georgia Tech and visit on the 16th.

Then the Florida Gators will get a visit the first week of March. It’s between March 2nd or 6th, that visit has yet to be confirmed.

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