Chet Holmgren is a unique prospect, he discusses his recruitment and more.

Chet Holmgren is a 7-footer our of Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis, MN. He’s a very unique prospect. Prep Hoops’ Evan Flood most recently said “Holmgren is like a majestic unicorn,” and he’s right.

A long, lengthy, 7-footer who can run the floor and do basically everything that’s possible on the court.

Maybe not ranked where a guy of his stature should be ranked or doesn’t have crazy offers, he does have a recruitment that is blossoming. He took sometime to discuss his recruitment with Stockrisers.

“Right now I have six offers. Nevada, Purdue, Texas, Texas A&M, Minnesota, and Western Kentucky,” Holmgren said.

He did take an unofficial visit to Purdue when he landed that offer. As for other visits he’s visited multiple schools including UNC.

“I’m planning to get down to Marquette as well as other top universities.”

As for which schools have seen him this season, the list has grown to get pretty long. So long that Holmgren can’t remember all of them.

“Texas, Marquette, Minnesota, Gonzaga, Purdue, Kansas, Georgetown, there were a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head.”

Holmgren’s success doesn’t happen all by himself. He’s partnered up with one of the best guards in the country, Jalen Suggs.

“It’s hard to explain how different it is to play with somebody of his caliber. He makes the game easier in so many ways with his ability to pass and create easy shots for himself and others but just the focus other defenses have to put on him opens up a lot of opportunities for others. The only hard part about it is trying to outwork him [laughs],” Holmgren said on Suggs.

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