Trey Hall talks unofficial visit spree, schools on him hardest, more.

Trey Hall is one of the more underrated players in the 2020 class. Ranked a four-star by many outlets, Hall has seen his recruitment grow and has drawn national attention.

Offers: Grand Canyon, Penn State, Bryant, George Washington, Rhode Island, UConn, Central Connecticut State, St. John’s, Hofstra, St Joseph’s, Siena

Recruiting: all of those schools, Rutgers, Tulane, Ohio State, Creighton, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale, Marquette, West Virginia, Kansas State, Iowa, Temple, Dayton, Providence, Clemson.

As for visits, last year he had quite the unofficial visit spree. “I’ve already taken visits to Penn State, UConn, Rhode Island, Miami, Central Connecticut State and Providence. in the summer i plan on doing most of my official visits and some in the fall,” Hall said.

He also listed the schools that are currently on him the hardest.

-Penn State calls and texts me almost every single day to check in on life and tell me how their season is going

-George Washington calls and texts me about twice a week about how much they need me

-Tulane sends me facts about the team and links to things to read about the school and team

-Marquette texts me about every other week to see how i’m doing and letting me know they are watching my games online and love what they see.

-Kansas State hits me up about every couple weeks and they are long conversations about school, the season, their team, their season, and where i can fit into their system.

-Grand Canyon calls me pretty often and tells me about the season and then send me links to watch highlights of there workouts and how crazy the games get.

As for official visits, he will wait to get more offers then discuss it with his family. Hall also said he aims for a fall commitment but if he ever feels like he’s ready to choose a school then he will.

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