Zeb Jackson scores 30 points, ignited by special guest in crowd.

In 2017, University Of Michigan’s John Beilein announced that the team would sign Jude Stamper, a 13-year-old that was born with Arthrogryposis Multi-Congenital disorder with Escobar Syndrome. This condition prevents him from getting any normal bend in his joints (ankles, knees, hips, neck, etc.).

He’s been considered a part of the Michigan family since that day, he’s been a diehard fan of the Wolverines since he was born.

On Saturday night Jude made a visit to Maumee Valley where he saw Michigan commit Zeb Jackson play. In what could be potentially be his best game of the season, Jackson said “I felt like I couldn’t miss.”

But it was more then just an ordinary basketball game for Zeb knowing Jude and the Stamper family were in the crowd.

“He’s an important part of our Michigan family, i’m really cool with the family so it was awesome that they came out,” Jackson said.

Jackson ended up scoring 30 points in the blowout win for his team.

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