LJ Cryer discusses his recruitment, plans official visit to Purdue.

Morton Ranch’s LJ Cryer has become one of the more underrated players in the 2020 class. His ability to score at will and get buckets is outstanding.

His recruitment has definitely bloomed over the past year. He broke down his recruitment including where he will officially visit next.

Houston: There pitch has been to stay home because there’s nothing like home. They have there guards play with freedom and there building a winning culture.

Purdue: I talk to them a lot, haven’t gotten to talk much to them about my future but i talk to the coaches regularly and on my OV we’ll probably talk about it.

Baylor: They’ve been recruiting me since 8th grade and they want me to come in and help them win a national championship.

Texas A&M: Basically has same pitch as Baylor and I’ve been in touch with them since 8th also.

SMU: They want me to come in a score at a high level and help them win

LSU: I’m from Louisiana…they want me to come in play as a freshman and I talk to them a lot.

Texas: I keep in touch with the staff and I like that coach smart is very energetic and is all about hard work.

Afterwards he added some comments on Purdue guard Carson Edwards: “And more on Purdue, Carson Edwards is from Houston and some people think we some similar tendencies so I keep up with him.”

He took his first OV to LSU three months ago, tells Stockrisers he will be at Purdue from Feb 1- Feb 3 for his official visit.

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