Ben Carlson is being prioritized by many, four new schools involved. He discusses his recruitment.

Ben Carlson is currently ranked as a top-60 junior but says “I just gotta keep working.”

He holds offers from the likings of Ohio State, Purdue, Nebraska, Stanford, Iowa State, among many others. “Most of the schools that have offered me stay in contact with me regularly so it’s pretty even for who recruits me the hardest,” Carlson said.

He’s taken visits to Kansas State, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Creighton, Nebraska, all unofficial.

“Nothing planned as of now, but teams have asked me to come to some games potentially and I might do some official visits if I have time eventually.”

He also added he’d like to visit schools that he hasn’t already visited or that are far away.

As for newly involved schools, there are four program’s that have recently gotten involved, one of which he visited but it has become more since then.

“The new schools i’ve been talking with are Gonzaga, Virginia, Notre Dame, and Michigan.”

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