Top-15 sophomore Trey Patterson discusses his recruitment, more.

Trey Patterson has made a name for himself over the past few months and that’s the reason why many have him ranked where they do.

He racked up a handful of offers this summer and looks to get more. As for which schools are on him, they vary from the ACC, SEC, Big 10, among other conferences.

“Recently Auburn came to my school before one of my practices and offered me, Maryland has been visiting me every month whether it’s a open gym or game. Notre Dame has been to a few open gyms and so has Villanova, Rutgers, Tennessee and Georgetown.

As for visits, Patterson hasn’t been able to schedule any due to practice and games. When he gets the free time he’d love to take any visits he can.

“There are so many great universities and institutions throughout the country and i’ll be blessed to have the opportunity to visit as many of them as i can, but I definitely want to get up and visit the schools that are already recruiting,” Patterson said.

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