#Signed: Mizzou signee Mario McKinney discusses staying home, future of the program.

Mizzou didn’t really ever have competition when it came to who was going to land 2019 guard Mario McKinney.

“Only other school I really ever considered besides Mizzou was K-State,” McKinney said.

This commitment wasn’t just important to the university and the students, it was important for the entire state. There’s a legacy that goes with the McKinney name. His cousin Jimmy played for the Tigers from 02-06.

“Staying home was always the plan,” McKinney said.

“Yes it was easy for me because my family won’t have to travel for to see me play so it was a no brainer.”

Joining McKinney is Tray Jackson who was formerly committed to Minnesota then flipped and committed to Mizzou the day of. As of late, Jackson has blown up after dunking viciously on his opponent. This class is flashy, electrifying, and exciting.

“I think the future is bright for the ZOU. Me and Tray should be able to come in and make an impact immediately to help what coach is building here,” McKinney said on Mizzou’s 2019 class.

As for expectations and goals, McKinney strives for the biggest one of them all, the national championship.

“My goal is to become the best player that I can be and win a national championship.”

Mario, the leader of the phenomenon HoodieFam, is a quiet kid that lets his game do all the talking. The guard with a super offensive ability, and a knack to poke the ball away on defense, Mizzou’s got a fiery guard headed there way.

This was the second #Signed story.

Here’s the updated list of players featured on #Signed:

– Syracuse signee Joe Girard III

– Mizzou signee Mario McKinney Jr

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