1 on 1 with 2019 PG Curt Lewis he talks LaSalle offer and commitment date.

Curt Lewis is a 2019 elite prospect point guard who plays for Aspire Academy in Louisville, Kentucky. He has an explosive offensive game in which he can play inside or outside at 6-4 184. His court vision is crisp. He can find players anywhere on the court and is dangerous in transition. I had a one on one with him about his LaSalle offer and the rest of his recruitment.


LJ: How did it feel to get the LaSalle offer?

Curt: It felt good getting an offer from LaSalle!

LJ: How long has LaSalle been recruiting you? What coach is recruiting from LaSalle?

Curt: They just started recruiting me, my coach told them about me, they came to a practice and offered me on spot. Coach Kenny Johnson is recruiting me.

LJ: What has LaSalle said to you?

Curt: We haven’t talked much yet.

LJ: What other offers do you have?

Curt: Arkansas State, Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky & Jacksonville State University.

LJ: At this point what teams are recruiting you the hardest?

Curt: Jacksonville State, Iowa State, Illinois, EKU, LaSalle & Ohio State

LJ: What teams that haven’t offered are showing you interest?

Curt: Kent State, Iowa State, Illinois and Ohio State. I’m pretty sure there is more.

LJ: You have a big game to open the season. What makes you such an impact player?

Curt: I’m very versatile; I can play 1-3. My basketball IQ is really high. I think the best part of my game is passing and creating for my teammates.

LJ: What upcoming visits do you have scheduled?

Curt: Jacksonville State, Arkansas State, Iowa State, WKU and EKU

LJ: Are you going to visit LaSalle?

Curt: Yes sir I’m not sure when.

LJ: What did you averages last season?

Curt: Last year I averaged 25.6ppg, 6rpg & 6apg.

LJ: What did you score your last game? What about your game has improved that scouts have seen this year?

Curt: 37 points against Mid-South Prep. My shooting has improved a lot and my body is changing physical & I think that’s what the scouts have noticed.

LJ: When do you plan to commit?

Curt: April 21

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