Q and A: 2019 Mississippi State commit JaMya Mingo-Young

JaMya Mingo-Young is ranked #98 in the Class of 2019 and begins our countdown of the Top 100 players in the class. She committed to Mississippi State over Alabama and Arkansas-Little Rock. She led Loranger High School to a 3A state championship with an average of  21.7 points and 6.5 rebounds per game. Before tearing her ACL twice, she was thought to be a top ten player nationally. 

Ellie Lieberman chatted with Mingo-Young to discuss her recruitment.

Why Mississippi State?

I had two cousins who played football at Mississippi State. I went up there twice. Everybody on campus loves women’s basketball. The coaches are great. The place just feels like home.

And, what about the future of SEC basketball?

Growing up, all I watched was SEC basketball. I always wanted to play in the SEC.

What’s it like seeing Mississippi State making it to two back-to-back national championships?

That’s the whole reason I went there because I knew I could compete for a national championship. Seeing that and coming up short and hopefully they win one before I get there, but if not we’ll work towards it as a goal.

How did you get into basketball?

My dad played basketball at LSU, so it was kind of on me as soon as I was born. He was a guard and a forward.

What was your AAU experience like?

I played DFW for a year and after that I tore my ACL. It was hard, but the one summer I played helped me out a lot. My high school basketball coach worked hard to get my name out there.

What are your highlights from high school ball?

Our last win was our state championship. You could tell it was a state championship environment. The game was low scoring and it went to overtime and we pulled out the win. It was the first win in 18 years.

Do you have a chip on your shoulder at all because of the injuries you’ve faced in your young career?

I tore my ACL twice and every time I step up on the court I have to play like it’s my last game. I just have a lot of people there for me.

What players do you look up to?

My favorite player is LeBron James but he’s big, so as far as guards, I’ll have to say Russell Westbrook.

What do you think about the direction women’s college basketball is going in?

In today’s game, you don’t know who is going to win. It’s a mystery. You get to the Final Four and you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Do you have a desire to play UConn?

If the opportunity presents itself and we get to play UConn, we’ll take ‘em down.

And where do you think the WNBA is going?

One of my favorite players of course is Maya Moore. I think the WNBA is getting a lot more competitive and it’s only going to get better. Women’s basketball players are more athletic now than they were before. It’s gonna bring more eyes, more fans.

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