Top-Ranked Sophomore Terrence Clarke discusses recruitment, Brewster Academy, the possibility of joining 2020 class.

Terrence Clarke went from an on-the-rise prospect to the top-ranked 2021 prospect in a matter of a year. Last year when we spoke to Clarke he had one mid-major offer, fast forward to now he’s got schools like Kentucky, Syracuse, Indiana, and many others on him. Now he attends Brewster Academy which is one of the top team’s, if not the top team, in the entire country.

We caught up with Clarke to discuss his recruitment, 2020 class, and Brewster Academy, let’s roll.

Jake: Which schools are currently on you the hardest, discuss them further.

T-Clarke: NC State believes in me as a player that can be a Dennis Smith that can come and take over. Coach Keatts thinks I’m a great player and has been in for his commit and my teammate Jalen Lecque but also watches me and has discussed my game to my coach.

Syracuse is a great school where long guards go and learn from Coach Boeheim. After heading to the Syracuse Elite Camp, He definitely thinks I’m a great player and believes in my role as a playmaking guard.

Kentucky and Coach Cal showed me that college isn’t a straightforward process. It takes work and that is what Coach was drilling into me. Coach Cal has been to some of my games and the assistant coaches have and think I’m a great player in their system for great guards to achieve highly. They’ve named guards like Brandon Knight, Malik Monk, and Devin Booker that my role can be related too. After the unofficial with Kentucky, I think the coaches have a lot of interest in me

Indiana thinks their system is also great for me to achieve highly in. They definitely made it a necessity to guide me through there workouts on the court and weight plans. At my unofficial visit, coaches showed me the atmosphere at the Indiana football game. It was pretty fun. But coach had filled me with the history and how much I can fit in to be great.

Rhode Island is great. They’ve talked to me and my coaches a bit. I took an unofficial there a few months back and really enjoyed the time I spent there. They’re one of the schools that are on me the hardest.

Jake: Where else would you like to visit. What schools want you up for visit?

T-Clarke: I don’t really know what schools I want to visit personally as of yet but schools that have been on me are schools like Pittsburgh, Texas, FSU, and Cal has also shown some interest and Boston College as well. BC is close to home so they’ve been on me hard as well.

Jake: Describe this Brewster team, the guys you’re surrounded by, Jalen Lecque who potentially could head to the league real soon, Kai Jones, and the others. What’s this been like for you?

T-Clarke: My high school team is by far the greatest team I’ve been around and I think it’s more of a work in progress for all of us. We are playing against other top-tier talents and realizing the next level is different. We are having fun with each other and learning to push each other every day. Open gyms and practices are fun because we get at each other competitively which help us drastically. We workout and push each other and it’s out of love to push each other for the next level. Being surrounded by Jalen Lecque, Kai Jones, Joel Brown, Jamal Mashburn, Alonzo Gaffney and some other guys is a blessing because I get to push my game everyday against potential NBA players this year or next year.

Clarke and Brewster are traveling to Brooklyn this Saturday where they’ll compete in the Battle In The Apple event which is hosted by NBA star Danny Green. Clarke has told Stockrisers during the week that Kentucky, Texas, and some others will be in attendance to watch him this weekend.

Updates from the event can be found @jakeweingarten on twitter.******

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