Top-30 junior Caleb Love discusses his recruitment and which blue blood is now recruiting him.

Caleb Love has become a hot commodity amongst the 2020 class. After his performance this summer and USABB camp, Love is currently being recruited by many schools who believe his upside is through the roof.

Love sat down with Stockrisers to discuss the teams on him the hardest and how one of his dream schools just got involved in his recruitment.

JW: What schools are on you the hardest, thoughts on each school?

Caleb: The schools on me the hardest are Texas, Louisville, Virginia, and Mizzou.

Texas: I would say Texas has been recruiting me the hardest. They keep in touch almost every other day or week or so and it’s not just one coach, it’s most of the coaching staff. A lot of people don’t think much of Texas but I see their program on the rise as they continue to get top players and the coach Shaka will get take them far.

Louisville: The coaches really believe I can come in and be that point guard to take them to a national championship along with a few others. The coaches have been recruiting me hard and they want me back on campus soon. As far as the program they are doing really well right now and they should go far. They will be a force to be reckoned with next year with their big 2019 class they locked in.

Mizzou: Mizzou is basically the hometown school. The coaches truly care about me and I can tell every time we talk. They are recruiting me hard as well. We talk more about life and me as a person than basketball and that’s different but I like it. That shows that they care more about me as a person than just a basketball player. Their program will always be good because of the coaching they get. No matter who Coach Cuonzo gets, he knows how to get his boys to win.

Virginia: Virginia is a school I didn’t think of at first but the more and more I looked into it and the more and more the coaches and I talked, it became an option. The program has a lot of good history and they are succeeding right now in their season being the only team in the ACC undefeated so their program speaks for itself.

A new school has interest.

Love also told us that UNC reached out to his coaches. “North Carolina has always been a top dream school for me since I was a kid and I’m just looking forward to meeting and building a relationship with the coaches,” Love told Stockrisers.

As for visits, nothing is set up but he’s planning to visit Texas and Virginia. His most recent visit was to Michigan.


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