Top-25 Sophomore Harrison Ingram adds Pac-12 offer, discusses recruitment, UNC interest.

Top-25 sophomore Harrison Ingram has become a hot commodity amongst the 2021 class as of late. After being watched by head coach Jerod Haase a few days ago, Haase and his staff decided to extend just the program’s second 2021 offer to Harrison Ingram.

Ingram holds offers from Kansas, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Georgetown, TCU, Houston, Texas A&M, Mississippi State and Baylor.

The rising star sat down with Stockrisers to discuss his recruitment, potential visits, and more.

JW: What schools are currently on you the hardest?

Harrison: I have built a great relationship with Texas A&M and the coaching staff and they are really fun to be around.

Houston has been talking to me a lot recently and just went to the opening of their new stadium. They put on a show.

Baylor’s head coach, coach Drew is a really vivacious guy and he said I would play right away.

TCU and I’s relationship is still building but I went to their elite camp and had a great time. Campus is nice.

Kansas also just offered recently and they said they love my versatility and shooting ability. Im visiting them very soon also. Some time mid January.

Georgetown I heard has a nice campus I’ll be visiting them at the end of January.

For Mississippi State, we are still working out a date.

I have been to Stanford many times, and have a great relationship with their staff. Their campus is beautiful.

JW: Recently North Carolina has shown tons of interest, discuss that.

Harrison: UNC sent me 2 different letters and watched me in my first AAU tournament freshman year. We’re trying to set up a date to get down there to visit. They talk to my coach a lot.

JW: What are some other potential visits, are any tentative dates currently set?

Harrison: I’ll visit Michigan at the start of the summer, I’m going to Tennessee on March 3rd, and an assistant from UCLA is coming down to watch me play, and we are still setting date for UNC.

JW: What other schools (that haven’t offered) have interest?

Harrison: Michigan, UCLA, UNC, Purdue, Texas Tech, SMU, UCONN, Texas, and Tennessee have all either came out to see me play or sent me a letter and talked to my coach about me. UCLA, Michigan, UNC, and Tennessee have been talking to me for awhile, and I will be visiting them soon.

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