Vernon Carey Jr’s decision is close between MSU and Duke.

Yes, the top-player in the 2019 class announces his long awaited decision this week. After cutting his list to three which included UNC, Duke, and MSU, Carey Jr has told several that UNC will no longer be an option for him.

But, after two official visits to Michigan State, that’s where I predict Carey Jr will land.

Yes, I could definitely be wrong and it can go two ways. With the possibility of Isaiah Stewart going there and the recent emergence of Marques Bolden for Duke, I just don’t think he’d be “the guy” at Duke. Michigan State has a talented four in Marcus Bingham who has crazy potential, but with Rocket Watts and Malik Hall, adding a player of Carey Jr’s caliber would complete a dream class for coach Tom Izzo.

Carey Jr is recently coming off a 30 point and 16 rebound performance in a victory. It seems as if he’s expanded his game and gotten better as the season is flowing.

Look, don’t get me wrong, there’s obviously a chance he ends up at Duke. I’m just giving my side and why I believe he will land with MSU and should land there. Another thing, recent reports have surfaced that he’s been in contact with 2018 lottery pick Jaren Jackson Jr. That may not seem as important but the fact you have a recent and former MSU big in contact with a potential MSU big, it means a lot.

He’s torn on a decision, which means it can go either way. This Thursday, we will find out.

Duke? MSU?

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