Unranked to Eugene: Sitdown with Oregon signee CJ Walker.

CJ Walker was one of the biggest Stockrisers of the summer. On the circuit, with E1T1 he racked up 20+ high major offers from the ACC, Pac-12, Big 12, and others. Eventually, Walker had Memphis, Florida, Miami, LSU, and Oregon on his final list. After taking a slew of official visits he decided he would announce mid-November.

National signing week comes around and Walker committed and signed to the Oregon Ducks of the Pac-12.

“I felt I could grow there. Great facilities, a program that’s very successful, and its a city with no distractions where I can focus on my goals and team goals,” Walker told us about why he chose the Ducks.

Not many knew who Walker was the past few years, he wakes many up after he transferred to OCP his Sophomore year.

“Freshman year at Sanford Seminole was great, we made it to the Elite 8 game before an unfortunate loss in states. Sophomore year I transferred to OCP with my big brothers Nassir [Little], Ronaldo [Segu], Dejuan, and Jordan. I was the young puppy but was willing to learn and we ended up winning the state championship that year.”

After winning states and being a key performer, Walker had options school wise but decided to stay at OCP.

“I came back my junior year and we added Kai Jones [Texas commit] my other brother and had a tougher schedule but we still won state back to back, we worked so hard.” Now Walker returned to OCP for his senior year after an outstanding finish to his AAU career. “AAU took off for this past summer with E1T1, Coach Reece put me on the biggest stage and allowed me to shine which had me growing my game in all aspects.”

It was UCF who first offered Walker, once that offer came in he didn’t know what the future held for him. Once gaining more interest at the beginning of this year Walker changed his workout plan.

“I changed my approach to my game back in January when I changed my workout regime, working out every morning at 5:30 and sometimes twice a day. I also started to hit the weights more seriously,” Walker said on his routine.

“Which coaches were amongst the first to reach out to you, when is it that you noticed you’re a potential pro that will attend a top tier university,” I asked.

Walker responded with: “UCF was my first offer and I ended up with 44 offers. I noticed this past spring and summer when I saw my hard work paying off.”

44 Offers speaks a lot about how hard Walker worked. With love, there’s sometimes doubt and Walker knows he had his doubters.

“You can snooze if you want but keep that same energy…..I’m Humble and Hungry (drop the mic and exit to the right),” Walker says and chuckles about his doubters.

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