Friday’s Sitdown: Kerwin Roach II

Kerwin Roach has been the senior that every team wants to have. Has been a leader, playing dominant basketball, and helping lead his team to big wins. Texas started the year unranked, then with a big win over UNC they entered the top-25. Roach has been a key part of the Longhorns to begin the season, averaging 18.8PPG and adds 5.3APG.

After his junior season, Roach used the new rules to his advantage, tested the NBA waters and went through the process but decided to return to school. Recent mock drafts have placed Roach as going anywhere in the second round.

On this edition of Friday’s Sitdown, we spoke with the Texas senior.

Jake: Describe this season for you? How do you think it’s gone?

Kerwin: It has gone pretty good so far for me but it’s too early to feel like I have arrived.

JW: Talk about the play of your Freshmen’.

KRII: The freshman play has been really impressive to me especially from Courtney and Jaxson both have stepped up and embraced their role on the team but people are going to be surprised at what Kamaka Hepa can do.

JW: The poster against UNC, thoughts on that.

KRII: Definitely didn’t expect that (chuckle).

JW: One of the best scorers in the country, did you expect this?

KRII: And no I didn’t expect that but it’s too early in the season to call me one of the best scorers in the country I still have to improve aspects of my game.

JW: NBA GM’s, if you were one where would you draft yourself?

KRII: And if I’m a gm I would draft myself late first to mid second depending on a lot of factors this season one of them is winning!

JW: Do you think testing the waters gave you an advantage? you tested, came back, playing well, then enter the draft in June

KRII: Yeah it definitely gave me motivation and something to work on that will get me to the next level and actually get drafted

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