Friday’s Sitdown: Iowa State’s Tyrese Haliburton

Former Wisconsin Player Of The Year winner Tyrese Haliburton has become a do-it-all guy as a freshman on a young Iowa State team. He’s seeing around 30-33 minutes a game this season with injuries in Iowa State’s rotation. If you look at the film from high school up to now you can see his all-around game has improved vastly.

Another thing we noted, when Haliburton enrolled at Iowa State, the 6-5 guard was 170-pounds. Since he enrolled he’s gained nearly 20-pounds. For a guy who was good at a light 6-5/160lbs, as he gets stronger he will become a weapon for the Cyclones.

This Iowa State team is currently 5-1, with a recent 30 point explosion of a win over San Diego State. We sat down with Freshman Tyrese Haliburton while the Cyclones settle down in Maui.

Jake: Thoughts on how good you’ve guys been so far, being young, and the competition you’ve faced?

Tyrese: Man this season has been awesome, we’re playing really well, had a bad second half against a good Arizona team that haunts us a little bit but we’ve been playing really well despite having four guys out and our youth.

Jake: Describe fellow frosh Talen Horton-Tucker’s success and how your other teammates on the court have been playing.

Tyrese: Talen is playing really well, he’s scoring at a high level and defending at a high level which is something we really need out of him. Mike [Jacobson], Marial [Shayok], and Nick [Weiler-Babb] are all playing really well right now too. Terrence [Lewis] had a good showing in Maui and we need that from our bench especially only having 8 guys in the rotation right now.

Jake: Describe how this basketball experience has been for you so far.

Tyrese: It’s crazy so far. Basketball has taken me places I could only imagine going to. I’ve been on ESPN three times already and that’s just something I dreamed of as a kid. With us having guys out, I’m starting right now so I’m just doing whatever I can to help our team win games.

Jake: Final Question. How have you expanded your game since high school?

Tyrese: Since high school, I feel like I’ve improved really every aspect of my game. Mostly would be my shot and defensively. I still have a ways to go defensively but I feel like I’ve become a better defender since high school. My shot hasn’t been falling like usual as of late but I just gotta trust the work I put in during the off-season and keep working and they’ll start to fall.


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