Fast rising 2019 3-star combo guard Koby Isaac talks Villanova, Memphis and possible upcoming visits.

Koby Isaac is on the verge of being an elite prospect. His smooth game along with the ability to be explosive when needed makes him a dangerous combo guard. Last May is when his elite potential started to evolve the weekend of the Atlanta memorial day classic he averaged 14 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists for Team Carroll he has performed in at a high level this season, in January he made the All-Tournament team at the MLK classic and hit the game winning shot in a game vs East Landing high school, in February he made honorable mention All-Region.  AAU ball at the Adidas Memorial day classic in May he scored 16 points on 3 3 pointers. In August Isaac informed me that Jay Wright expressed interest in him, we had a talk about Villanova and an update on his recent recruitment.

LJ: How have things been going with your recruiting?


Koby: Not the way I would like it to go. But as my dad told me. I only can control what I do and I cannot stress about what others do.


LJ: What teams are showing you the most interest?


Koby: I have texted with Ohio State, Memphis and Georgia Tech. However I think Memphis and Brown are the most interested.


LJ: What offers do you have?


Koby: I presently hold none. It is hard to believe but if you know anything about me. I perform the best coming down the stretch. They don’t call me Mr. 4th Quarter for nothing.


LJ: What did you average last high school season?


Koby: 12 pts 2 Asts 2 Reb 1 Stls. I will easily double or triple that output this year due to change in role and style.


LJ: What were the stats of your most stand out performance in AAU?


Koby: I had multiple 20 plus point games. I played my best overall game in front of Memphis and Georgia. Defense was intense and I scored over 24 pts. I shutdown the opposing team’s best player and scored at will on all 3 levels.


LJ: What do schools like about your talent?


Koby: I am highly skilled and efficient. I can score on all 3 levels.  They describe my game as smooth. However, I think some haven’t seen my true athleticism. I can dunk etc. but in the past I have chosen efficiency over glam.


LJ: What schools are showing interest that haven’t offered?


Koby: My dad recently communicated with Villanova coaches concerning some questions they had about me transferring high schools. I have communicated with different coaches from schools like Memphis and Brown. A few other schools have reached out to my High School Coach expressing interest.


LJ: How has it been growing up in Atlanta? How have your parents been involved and influenced your upbringing as a man and a basketball player?


Koby:  Growing up in Atlanta has been very interesting, and being that I was raised here I have seen a lot of things that I wasn’t supposed to see as a child, but my parents were always there to keep me on the right track, for basketball and the real world. Here in Atlanta it’s a lot of talent that you will not find anywhere else in the country and that has pushed to be the player I am today. I’ve grown up watching players in my city like, Kobi Simmons, Jaylen Brown, and Collin Sexton. Those guys are my motivation and they show me that anything is possible.


LJ: Have you spoken to you cousin Darrun lately? What has he taught you about the game of basketball?


Koby: No I haven’t. What I have learned from him has come mostly from example. He has taught me perseverance and never give up. He has shown me how not to be denied.


LJ: Do you have a dream offer?


Koby: It was Villanova. However, at this point I just want to play for a school that appreciates what I have to offer. Whether that is a Villanova or another school, the fit must be right. So in other words my dream offer is the place where we can mutually fulfill each other’s dreams.


LJ: What visits do you have coming up soon?
Koby: I did a few over the summer. Memphis and Mercer. However I don’t have any scheduled now. Just getting ready for my senior season.

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