Terry Armstrong chooses Arizona, breaks down his decision with Stockrisers.

“I think all that stuff [scandals] doesn’t matter he believes in me so that’s a reason why I believe in him, and he’s had players come in like me,” Armstrong told Stockrisers

Armstrong, a four-star guard from Michigan now playing at Scottsdale’s Bella Vista Prep. He chose Arizona over New Mexico and Oklahoma.


“I just felt that it was the best fit for me I really liked the coaching staff and the environment. I’ll be able to come right in and make an impact at the wing spot. It was great [his visit] I had a good time the staff and players treated me well as if I was already on the team and the people in Tucson were very nice I just felt good about being there.”

Rest of 2019 class?

“I spoke to Nico and Josh about everything and they feel like we can make a big impact.”

What kind of player is Arizona getting?

“Arizona is getting a team-first player I want to win and I’m an all-around player and compete on both ends of the floor.”



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