Aidan Igiehon discusses commitment, special suit, and more.

“It feels special to be a Louisville Cardinal.”

This past Friday the Cards picked up a commitment from the 40th ranked overall player in the 2019 class, Aidan Igiehon.

Chris Mack and his staff have prioritized him for quite some time and this announcement was one Louisville fans have been waiting for since he officially visited in September. “When he told me he was committing on his official visit I was just so excited,” Josh Nickelberry said on his future teammate.

Stockrisers spoke to Igiehon after his announcement, had tons of praise on his future program and discussed his fantastic suit everyone is talking about.

“I wanted to be original when it came to my outfit for commitment day,” Igiehon said.

When he picked up the Louisville hat everyone thought that he was done but then he unbuttoned his suit and it was red and white with Louisville lineage inside, people in the crowd reacted to it instantly.

“Kids do the matching shirt and hat. Kids do the jerseys, but what was never done was having the suit lining custom made with the school logo. It only made sense because I like to get fresh at times.”

But forget the [awesome] suit talk. Let’s talk about his commitment to Louisville.

It feels special to be a Louisville Cardinal. I’m certain we have the best fans in the country and also I’m very confident in the coaching staff. I know I’m going to a place that will push me and allow me to fulfill my potential.”

At the ceremony during his speech Aidan spoke about the prep schools that wanted him but why they didn’t have full belief in his ability.

“Some schools said I’d stay skinny, some said I wouldn’t surpass 6’5. Now I’m here, 6’10” and 236 pounds.”

After the commitment ceremony, we asked him about being slept on.

“It’s always normal to be slept on when people don’t know who you are. But where ever there is a fire burning, the smoke will eventually be seen. That was was my mindset, to allow my work to speak for its self.

To end off he discussed how he wants to return to campus soon, “Man if I could be on campus now I would! Just excited to get back to the city of Louisville, a place I now call home.”


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