Josh Nickelberry discusses Chris Mack, Aidan Igiehon and More.

“Coach Mack has been recruiting me since I was a freshman. I have complete trust in him and his vision for Louisville, I know he wants the best for me and will put me in situations where I can flourish.”

In the last week of May, two months after Chris Mack was hired by Louisville, Josh Nickelberry committed to join Chris Mack. He chose Louisville over UNC and many others.

After being the first commit it was on Josh to help the staff recruit other elite level players to Louisville with him.

“Basically the same thing that sold me on the school, we play in the best conference in all of college basketball and there’s nothing but the opportunity at Louisville, I felt like bringing in these elite guys will help rebuild Louisville,” this was Nickelberry’s pitch to the other five recruits brought on by Chris Mack.

The most notable recruiting job for Josh came when he was at NBA Top-100 camp just two weeks after his commitment.

“I’ve been recruiting Aidan for months, ever since we were at the NBA Top-100 camp, I just kept it real with him and told him this is where he needed to be.”

Little did they both know over three months later they’d be headlining a monster top-2 class at Louisville.

“He told me during his official visit that he was committing, I was very excited, I felt he made the best decision.”

While Stockrisers was on the scene at Aidan Igiehon’s commitment ceremony who face timed us after the decision?

Josh Nickelberry.

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