2022 Elite prospect Dorell Thomas talks teams interest so early in his recruitment and other elite prospects he has grown a relationship with.

Dorell Thomas is a 6-4 2022 elite shooting guard prospect who plays for Hillcrest Preparatory Academy in Durham, North Carolina. I see recruiting sites placing this kid as a 5-star by the time ratings come around. I caught up with the Compton Magic Phenom as he talked to me about how early teams have recruited him and more.


LJ: What teams have started to recruit you this early?


Dorell: I have an offer from UCSB, Wyoming, and USC, Cal, Arizona, USC, Bradley, and Texas is starting to recruit me.


LJ: What makes you stand out as an elite prospect?


Dorell: I have high motor; have the ability to play without the ball. 6’5 love to shoot the 3 and put on the floor and slash.


LJ: Do you have a dream offer?


Dorell: UNC


LJ: What are you looking to show programs?


Dorell: My ability to compete on both side of the ball and also a great defend and willing to any to help my team win


LJ: Any prospects in recruiting classes before you who have helped you or you are close with?


Dorell: My whole Compton magic team, my brother, Kyree Walker, Dalen Terry, and Dimitrios Stragalinos.


LJ: You recently received an offer from Wyoming how did that feel?


Dorell: I feel blessed because not a lot of freshmen have the opportunity to receive an offer.


LJ: What do you think is the most hard to stop part about your game?


Dorell: My energy and effort to get steals and rebounds how I move around without the ball and my slashing ability


LJ: Any other top 2022 prospects you have grown a great relationship with?


Dorell: Not really


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