SRWomen’s: Sam Brunelle, top-ranked 2019 player talks Notre Dame, more.

It’s not her Virginia Gatorade Player of The Year award, her gold medals, or her top-ranked status that Samantha Brunelle is worried about.

Focusing on her senior year, development, winning states, etc, is what Brunelle has on her mind. Those accomplishments though she doesn’t credit just herself:

“Yeah I mean it’s a honor and blessing to receive those honors but it wasn’t just me who got them, my coaches and teammates helped me reach those honors and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such amazing teammates and coaches who continue to support me through everything,” Brunelle told Weingarten in an interview.

Just two days after Notre Dame won the national championship this year, on April 3rd, Brunelle made one of the biggest phone calls she has ever made. She called Muffet McGraw, Notre Dame head coach, “I’m ready to be an Irish,” she told the Irish head coach.

What went into the decision, not only the national championship.

“Yeah well i was always told that when the right choice came I’d know it and that’s what happened with Notre Dame. I had already decided before they won the championship so that wasn’t what determined it but I think Notre Dame is special and coach McGraw and staff believe in empowering us young women and I think that is something special as well as this decision not only being a 4 year decision but a 40 year decision.”

Also the education and campus aspect and such had a huge impact on the decision as Brunelle said this:

“A degree from Notre Dame isn’t a degree you can just get from any University. I loved the campus it was so beautiful and I felt a sense of family while being there and I’m a huge family oriented person so that was big for me as well. And also it’s clear that Notre Dame is a Nation Championship contender and it’s a program I’m excited I’ll get to be apart of.”

But prior to becoming a member of the Fighting Irish later in 2019 when she completes high school, Brunelle is focused on this upcoming high school season. Her goal is to bring a state championship to her school before she graduates, meaning this season.

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